浦上 (Urakami) / 浦上 (Urakami)


Urakami is one the district of Nagasaki City that an atomic bomb was dropped on August 9, 1945. Peace Statute is in the Peace Park located in Urakami Area.


The fountain of Prayer is also in the Peace Park. I saw people from overseas prayed in the peace park and my heart moved by such activity.


In Urakami, there is a very important place called “如己堂 (Nyokodo)”. Nyokodo is the very small place that Dr. Takashi Nagai had been spent his life with leukemia. He was a doctor for the atomic bomb victims, prayer for peace as Christian, Author who express the tragedy of atomic bomb and father of his son and daughter.

I deeply impressed by his words. I think we have to hand over his words to next generation to where we do never repeat the same thing as the war.





It was my first time to visit Nagasaki prefecture. I feel strange because it is a very Japanese city that has a strong sense of western couture.

And also, it is my first time to see “諫早湾 (Isahaya Bay) “. Isahaya Bay is famous for reclaimed land and fishing industry in Isahaya bay support the life of people living in Nagasaki.



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